Ligurian-Style Brandacujun

A simple recipe based on poor ingredients, Brandacujun originated in Western Liguria and still today it is eaten mainly in the area of Savona and Imperia.
In ancient times, to mix the cod with the potatoes, you put a lid on the pot and shook it from top to bottom: this gesture gives rise to the name of the dish.


1 kg of already soaked stockfish
750 g of potatoes
Parsley, a minced tuft
Garlic, a crushed clove
Salt, to taste
Extra-virgin olive oil
Black pepper


To prepare this dish, you must first desalinate the fish, putting it in water for two whole days, often changing the water.
When ready, boil it in unsalted water for half an hour. Meanwhile, boil the potatoes, making them soft, almost like mashed potatoes.
Once the fish is cooked, clean it and pass the potatoes in the potato masher.
In a fairly wide and low saucepan covered with oil, add the chopped cod and the potatoes, mixing gradually, until a mixture is obtained.


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